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Very important!!!

Starting this month I have decided to help all of those that need regular  treatments and cannot aford to pay for these.

From my experience I have found more people are struggling to pay for these treatments and because of this they can't find the well-being and health  they need and also I have no satisfaction  from my work.

Because of this, I have decided not to charge those that  come along to my treatments and my group treatment which I hold in a  private room at my home. Also I will take the liberty to choose those cases that I will not charge if I feel it is for a good cause.

I offer to all of those who need treatments for themselves and for their illnesses  FREE level one attunment and I teach them techniques  to help treat themselves .

I do it by good heart and if those that  come to me feel the same and would like  to donate I will be more than  happy to receive their donation with gratitude.

For the Courses Level I to Master, which I have original books from Japan,  treatments In London or Colchester or any places involve charges or fees, I will still charge the price for each service.

Also, those that have life insurance, please check with your insurance provider if you are covered for Reiki treatment. Most  insurers in the UK insure their clients for health and well-being (and Reiki is included), and they will refund the money if the therapist is a professional accredited, which I am in UK  from Reiki Federation UK and another 2 countries   ( Romania and Japan)

If are there any questions, please don't hesitate  to contact me by phone or internet (Facebook, mail, etc)

With Gratitude,

Carmen Suditu

Carmen Suditu

Master Teacher Komyo Reiki Kai  
Master Teacher Gendai Reiki Ho

I am excited to announce that from December 2016 I have been recognised by Gendai Reiki Network Japan as a Master Member .

This recognition by Japan as a Master Teacher and Practitioner gives me access to knowledge, information and original courses.

The courses will be held after the original handbooks for all levels I (one) to Master and authenticated by me with my own Hanko Stamp made in Japan

I can say with gratitude that I am honoured to be recognised by three countries as a Master Teacher and Practitioner: Romania, United Kingdom and Japan, but more than this to be recognised by every person who receives treatment from me or teach Reiki.

Thank you to all who have helped me to reach this level of knowledge and quality treatments!

I hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to website. There's much more to come!
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